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Would your property in Mounds View benefit from boulder wall installation

Whether you want to prevent lakeshore erosion or put the finishing touch on your landscaping project in Mounds View, a well-built boulder wall could be the perfect solution. For beautiful and durable boulder wall installation and construction services, you can trust a local landscaping company to provide the design, knowledge, and material options you’ll need to achieve optimal results.

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For over 30 years, DreamScapes Landscaping & Design has served homeowners in the greater St. Paul area by building high-grade boulder walls, construction, and other landscaping services. With our award-winning design, highly skilled team, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our boulder walls will provide lasting lakeshore erosion control solutions for your home in Mounds View. 

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We know erosion control is essential for the well-being of any waterfront home, and our team will help you manage it without sacrificing your property’s functionality or curb appeal. With a variety of stone material options and the expertise of our in-house landscape architects, DreamScapes will make quick work of your customized boulder wall design and construction in Mounds View.

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If you want to preserve the integrity of your property while making it more attractive than ever, we want to speak with you. Contact DreamScapes today for unmatched boulder wall installation and construction services in the Mounds View area!

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Give your company the Advantage with DreamScapes:

    • A large seasoned field staff (large capacity 35+ member team on staff)

    • Extensive fleet of high tech equipment

    • High quality materials and installation - We own a landscape supply company, too!

    • Efficient on time on budget projects

DreamScapes has been creating beautiful retaining walls for over 30 years.

Our commitment to quality enables us to give our clients a five-year warranty on hardscape construction and a one-year plant warranty.

The Best Warranty in the Business.


Every DreamScapes Project is managed and tracked using a live, real-time project tracking app.

What does that mean for you?
No waiting for landscaping to be completed
Happy customers
Close sooner and get paid!
Technology helps us deliver the maximum amount of value, in the least amount of time!


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