We offer commercial landscape installation services that are second to none. Our experienced staff works with property owners and contractors alike on design-build and bid-build projects.

On design-build projects, DreamScapes utilizes our landscape design expertise to design the appropriate landscaping plan including retaining walls, hardscapes, landscaping plants, water features, sodded & seeded lawn areas, irrigation systems and landscape lighting. We provide a price quote for our landscape design and perform the full commercial landscaping installation. This full-service method allows us to provide clients with maximum value & quality.

Bid-Build is a method where an architect or landscape architect creates the design and then DreamScapes bids the project and performs the installation according to the plan documents.

• Segmental Retaining Walls

• Planting Areas

• Big Block Retaining Walls

• Irrigation

• Boulder Retaining Walls

• Seeding & Sod Installation

• Paving Stone Installation

• Low-Voltage Lighting


All our crews are equipped with the latest technology. Every DreamScapes Project is managed and tracked using a live, real-time project tracking app. Estimated vs. actual hours are monitored constantly, including GPS verification of our crews' time records to ensure on-time, on budget project completions.

Technology helps us deliver the maximum amount of value, in the least amount of time!

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At DreamScapes, safety is never an afterthought. We consistently provide a safe working environment for our employees, subcontractors and our clients.

All our employees receive training that can be applied to their day-to-day work environment; this involves meeting and exceeding regulatory safety requirements and following a companywide Health and Safety Plan. It is through this strong dedication to safety that we can offer our clients a strong peace-of-mind. With the proper training programs and equipment in place, each project will be done right - the first time.

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