Paving Stone Installation

Commercial Paving Stone Installation in St. Paul, MN

While walking along a downtown retail area, sitting on the patio of a favorite restaurant or strolling down a walkway in a park area, you may notice that the ground is a bit more decorative than a traditional poured-concrete area. With decorative paver stones or brick walkways, your commercial area can make a bigger statement to customers, prospective clients and passerbys. If this is what you’re looking for at your commercial property in the greater Twin Cities, MN community, it’s time to call the area’s finest paving stone installation crew.

Here at DreamScapes Landscaping & Design, we specialize in both the design and installation of commercial paver stones. With these unique walkway and patio features, your area will stand out from all the others around you. As a walkway, there are plenty of options to use concrete pavers, stone pavers and brick pavers. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a design in your walkway or keep it traditional with a simple pattern, our team will deliver an incredible final result.

Additionally, if you’re looking to use pavers to complete a patio area, this option will help to add a little bit of class to your outdoor area. No matter what kind of paver material you’re wanting to use, our expert paver contractors will precisely install each brick or paver to create a wonderful outside area for you and your guests. 

For all of your commercial paving stone installation needs in the Twin Cities area, we have just the solution for you. Contact the brick and paver-laying pros at DreamScapes Landscaping & Design today to begin your walkway or patio construction!

Call 651-415-1000 to learn more about how DreamScapes can create the retaining wall of your dreams!


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Give your company the Advantage with DreamScapes:

    • A large seasoned field staff (large capacity 35+ member team on staff)

    • Extensive fleet of high tech equipment

    • High quality materials and installation - We own a landscape supply company, too!

    • Efficient on time on budget projects

DreamScapes has been creating beautiful retaining walls for over 30 years.

Our commitment to quality enables us to give our clients a five-year warranty on hardscape construction and a one-year plant warranty.

The Best Warranty in the Business.


Every DreamScapes Project is managed and tracked using a live, real-time project tracking app.

What does that mean for you?
No waiting for landscaping to be completed
Happy customers
Close sooner and get paid!
Technology helps us deliver the maximum amount of value, in the least amount of time!

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